All of our front-end code is engineered, validated, and checked for accessibility, and our CSS is rigorously browser tested.

At m9, we understand the importance of UI development in this fast changing technology world. A user interface is the first point of contact between the client and the product. Usability is another aspect we pay close attention to; to make sure all kinds of users feel at ease with the software. We believe that user interfaces make a huge impact on the success of any product.

We specialize in

Web-based user interfaces

Enterprise as well as consumer product user interfaces

Android and IOS interfaces

Advanced HTML CSS and JavaScript page development for scalable deployment in complex systems

Reusable code systems and layouts that provide a user-friendly solution

Code is thoroughly documented inline and supported by a front-end developer's guide

We work closely with your UI designers to incorporate your content and branding

Using diverse sets of technology platforms such as HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, External JS, GWT, Silver light, Template engines and CMS.